Maisha 0.12 Released

Posted on 27th February 2009

The latest version of Maisha has been uploaded to Github and posted to the CPAN. My thanks to Robert Rothenberg, who has supplied a couple of patches, as well as plenty of feature ideas that I'll be looking at over the next few weeks.

The biggest changes in this release are mostly to provide the user with even more configuration options.

You can now elected to use or not use the system pager (if one is availlable) to display the list of messages. If you have a small terminal window, this can be useful to avoid messages scrolling too quickly off the top of the screen. The default now is to use the pager, but can be set to 0 in your configuration file to disable it.

If you change primary service occasionally, there is now a completion option to save you typing. Following the 'use' command you can now hit the key to try and complete the command line. This ability is being planned for username completion with various commands too, which will be available in a future release.

Within the configuration you can now decide how you would like to format the message lines that you see. You can now include the username, message, timestamp and service on each line. More refinement of the timestamp is also planned for a future version.

Lastly while most will likely use Maisha in a standard 80-column terminal window, there is no reason why it couldn't be wider (or smaller). Fixing the column width for wrapping at 80 columns might then be a bit too restrictive. So now you can also specifiy a column width to wrap at. The default will still be 80 columns.

As hinted above, more features are planned, so expect some more releases in the coming weeks. Thanks to all the feedback, it's been very much appreciated.


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