The Apocalypse Is Nigh

Posted on 9th June 2009

In case you've read this article by Michael Manoochehri and wondered what will happen to all your twitter apps. Rest assured that Maisha should not be affected. At least not by it's own code. If Twitter itself falls over in a heap then we're all doomed. However, I doubt that will happen ;)

Maisha doesn't store anything regarding the tweets themselves and simply requests a result set from the Twitter API. It doesn't care whether a tweet has an id, it just displays the tweet in the order it was passed back. 

It should be interesting to see what, if anything breaks next week, the expected date of the twitpocalypse is 15th June 2009, though I suspect that most apps will carry on as if nothing had happened. I think people will more interested in who gets to post the 2,147,483,649th tweet :)


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