Maisha 0.14 Released

Posted on 11th September 2010

With the depreciation of Basic Authentication via the Twitter API, Maisha 0.14 nows adds OAuth Authentication. Installation is available through your favourite CPAN installation client ('install App::Maisha') via our Download page.

When you initially run the command line script, you will be given a URL to paste into your browser. Login using your username/password and you will be given a PIN#. Return to the command line script and enter the PIN#. Your access tokens will then be saved, so that next time you run the command line script you'll be logged straight in.

PIN# are based on usernames, so if you use multiple Twitter usernames with Maisha, you will need to authorise Maisha for each one.

Although also supports OAuth, unfortunately Net::Twitter does not implement it yet for As soon as it does, Maisha will add support for too.


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